Here is some practical information for our new

-Our address is Wagnersvej 7F, the clinic is located
on the first floor to the right.
Please ring on the doorbell where it says “Læge”. Open the
the door at the simultaneously.

-Please have your yellow card ready to swipe on the screen upon arrival. You don´t need to check out when you leave

-Register yourself on the online portal on our website under “Log på selvbetjeningen”

-Remember to update your phone number and email

Helpful phone numbers and websites:       Information about COVID 19 in 6 languages

For Information about COVID 19 in English call:  60 26 81 53

Information about COVID 19 vaccinations received in a foreign country:

If you have received corona vaccinations abroad
and wish to register these in Denmark please follow this procedure:

  1. Go to and log in with your
  2. Look for ” vaccinationskort” and fill
    in your vaccines
  3. Call the clinic at 33150051 to
    schedule an appointment to get your vaccines approved
  4. 48h after your vaccines have been approved
    you can book a time for your 1st,2nd or 3rd
    shot on

We do not offer COVID 19 vaccines at the clinic.